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Saturday, April 10, 2021


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Emirates Operates Its First Fully Vaccinated Passenger Flight

Emirates proudly shared today that it successfully completed its first flight where everyone on board was vaccinated against COVID-19. The Dubai-based carried nearly 400...

Let’s talk about gaslighting and fundraising – TechCrunch

“Most of the startups I give advice to about how to raise venture capital shouldn’t be raising venture capital,” an investor recently told me....

How one founder identified a huge healthcare gap and acquired the skills necessary to address it – TechCrunch

Our new podcast Found is now available, and the first episode features guest Iman Abuzeid, co-founder and CEO of Incredible Health. Abuzeid’s story of...

Opinion: Why The US Will Not Have A Government Vaccine Passport

As countries worldwide look at the possibility of creating some kind of COVID-19 passports to help get people flying again, it might have traction...

Wamos Air & HiFly Join Icelandair In Running UK Repatriation Flights From Pakistan

The British government recently added Pakistan to its coronavirus ‘red list’ of banned countries. This saw a sudden scramble of demand from passengers in...
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