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Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737 Crash Investigation Looks At Autothrottle

Investigating the cause of Sriwijaya Air’s deadly and devastating Boeing 737-500 crash, Indonesia’s air accident investigation service is looking into the aircraft’s autothrottle system,...

Alma raises $59.4 million for its Klarna-like payment option – TechCrunch

French startup Alma is raising a $59.4 million Series B funding round (€49 million). The company has been building a new payment option for...

Bamboo Airways E195 Returns To Da Nang With Fuel Leak

On January 24th, an Embraer E195 flying for Bamboo Airways from Da Nang to Con Dao declared an emergency, reporting a fuel leak. The...

What Is An Airline’s Load Factor And Why Does It Matter?

Load factor might be a term you’ve heard while discussing the performance of an airline or specific routes. It essentially means what percentage of...

Why The Airbus A300 Is Still Popular In Iran

The A300 was Airbus’ first aircraft. There are only a few places left where it is still in service, though. Iran is one of...
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